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Asphalt’s Worst Enemies

Environmental Conditions
Otherwise know as the weather. The weather is a natural enemy to asphalt pavement because the heating/cooling cycle causes expansion and contraction of the substrate. When water seeps into the pavement and freezes, or the water begins to disturb the crushed rock fill, sinking and lifting or cracks and potholes become evident.

Asphalts Worst Enemies

Original Construction Quality
This includes the grade of asphalt used to initially construct the pavement, the quality of base materials and prep, and how it was installed. The drainage system is also crucial to the overall lifespan of the pavement. Keeping the drains and vaults clear of debris helps shed the water quickly of the seasonal rains and extend the lifespan of the product.

Traffic Patterns
Constant patterns of traffic over the same areas and the weight of that traffic can exponentially affect the condition of the blacktop. Wheels actually cause the pavement to flex, causing small fractures in the surface. Over time, these small fractures can turn into big repair bills if left unaddressed.

Chemical Spills
Motor oil, gasoline spills, antifreeze, and diesel fuel are all solvents that can cause considerable damage to the asphalt. These should be cleaned and/or neutralized at regular intervals to prevent long-term damage.

See the effects of Asphalt’s Worst Enemies below:

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