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Asphalt: What is it?

Blacktop, asphalt pavement, parking lot, roadway, driveway – there are a lot of terms for the same product. Here is asphalt explained: Engineering firms and construction companies sometimes call it “asphalt concrete pavement,” or “AC.” That is, AC is a hard, rolled surface that is constructed from a slate black product called asphalt.

Asphalt Explained

Road surfaces, and such, account for about 85% of all the asphalt used in the United States. Typically, this pavement material is composed of 5% asphalt material and 95% of a mixture of stone, sand, and gravel. It is laid down in layers over a bed of compacted, crushed rock. The use of the asphalt bitumen binds the aggregates together and gives it that nice black appearance.

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