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Asphalt: What is it?

Blacktop, asphalt pavement, parking lot, roadway, driveway – there are a lot of terms for the same product. Here is asphalt explained: Engineering firms and construction companies sometimes call it “asphalt concrete pavement,” or “AC.” That is, AC is a hard, rolled surface that is constructed from a slate black product called asphalt.
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Asphalt’s Worst Enemies

Environmental Conditions
Otherwise know as the weather. The weather is a natural enemy to asphalt pavement because the heating/cooling cycle causes expansion and contraction of the substrate. When water seeps into the pavement and freezes, or the water begins to disturb the crushed rock fill, sinking and lifting or cracks and potholes become evident.
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Stages of Asphalt Deterioration

Stage One
After the first year, asphalt begins to lose the binding oils that keep the mixture flexible and resilient. This happens through the normal cycle of the weather (rain, freeze/thaw cycle, wind, etc) and evaporation.
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Asphalt Preventative Maintenance

Save Thousands. Protect Today.

Just like a vehicle or a house, asphalt preventative maintenance will save thousands of dollars long term. Sealcoating prevents the asphalt from absorbing water by sealing the porous top layer of the pavement. This prevents damage from the freeze/thaw cycle, sleet, snow, and frost. [Read more…]

Sealcoating with Carbon Seal

We use and recommend sealcoating with Carbon Seal Sealcoating products. It is our belief that Carbon Seal is the best in the industry and performance. Best of all, Carbon Seal uses a proprietary mixture that withstands the greatest of weather and traffic abuse and is specifically tuned to the Northwest.
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