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Frequently Asked Asphalt Questions

Some frequently asked asphalt questions include ‘When?’ and ‘Why?’ you should sealcoat. These questions and more are answered here.

Why should I sealcoat? Cars need oil changes, houses need new paint, and bicycles need tune-ups. Without these important maintenance items continually in place, your investment will begin to degrade in performance and will ultimately fail. Likewise, asphalt pavement needs continual maintenance to seal out water, solvents, and wind-blown debris that can cause damage both to the surface and beneath the surface of the asphalt. Sealcoating and crack filling your pavement preserves your investment at a fraction of the cost to replace it or overlay it.

When should I sealcoat? Every 3-5 years is optimal. This keeps the damage caused by automobile weight (hairline cracks), solvents (oil, antifreeze, grease), and our great northwest weather (rain, wind, ice, snow, freezing) contained.

When shouldn’t I sealcoat? When you have new asphalt, it is best to wait six (6) months to one year before applying the first sealcoat. This allows the asphalt to cure properly.

Are all sealcoating products the same? No. You should require the use of a product that adheres to the ASMA standard specifications. We use CarbonSeal, a product proven to be one of the best in the industry. You can find out more about CarbonSeal here.

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