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Asphalt Repair

When asphalt has deteriorated to the point where there is extensive cracking, asphalt repair is the most logical option. When the asphalt has gotten to this point, it looks like alligator skin – cracking in all directions of a particular area. Some of these areas may also have the pavement chunking out, creating potholes and other hazards. [Read more…]

Lot Striping and Painting

We offer full lot striping and painting services. Once the seal coat has been applied, the lot can be re-striped to the previous layout. Or if you desire to make changes to the your current layout, we can make the necessary accommodations. Everything you need to repaint or upgrade your parking lot layout or location to current standards, we can do it.
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Crack Filling

A Few Facts About Cracks –
  1. Small Cracks allow water and moisture to penetrate the asphalt
  2. As water expands and contracts through freezing and thawing causes larger cracks
  3. Larger cracks allow increased water penetration resulting in a weakened base
  4. Weakness in the base compromises the structural integrity of the asphalt
  5. Untreated cracks will eventually turn into pot holes
  6. Cracks ¼” and larger can be sealed with high performance hot rubberized sealant which in turn greatly reduces the spreading of cracks deterioration of the base.

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There are several reasons to seal coat your investment. Here are the top four:

  1. Resists Fuel, Oil, Salt and Chemical Penetration –
    Asphalt is a petroleum derivative and is soluble to distillates such as gasoline and motor oil. Sealing your pavement prevents damage from distillates and chemicals.
  2. Prevents Water Intrusion –
    The intrusion of moisture into asphalt pavement accelerates deterioration. Sealing asphalt prevents the seepage of moisture from snow and rain, thus preventing damage from freeze-thaw cycles.
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